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Don't measure your progress using someone else's ruler. Welcome to YOUR Journey.


The Story behind our Box

At CrossFit RULER, we succeed in the heart of the workout. Here, we unite individuals from varied backgrounds and embrace authenticity. It is a sanctuary where you can be your true self, discover your inner strength, and forge genuine connections.


Join us on this voyage of self-discovery, where progress is not just measured by external changes, but by the inner fortitude and fulfillment gained from pushing your limits.


Together, let's strive for greatness, make friends, and become part of a community with shared aspirations of health, fitness, and strength. Welcome to CrossFit RULER – where every rep counts.

Step into a world where labels vanish and authenticity shines.

Sharing a common pursuit of physical and mental fortitude.

Our Facilities

The perfect space.
Behind the scenes of construction.
Launching soo
n in the heart of Kehlen, Luxembourg

CrossFit Ruler
CrossFit Ruler
CrossFit Ruler
CrossFit Ruler

The Core Values We Believe in





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